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Month: August 2010

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5 First-aid Tricks You Need to Know

When you’re sick or hurt, it’s the worst time to be learning first aid. These strategies help you plan ahead so you’ll know what to do when health setbacks come your way. You’ll be on the road to recovery faster than you can type “first aid” into your search engine.
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Keep Your Favorite Clothes Looking Like New

Nothing puts as big a damper on getting dressed as does discovering a lingering stain, faded colors or stretched-out fabric. But how can you prevent the wear and tear on your favorite clothes? Try these easy expert tricks to protect your wardrobe and look your best.
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The Right Haircut for Your Personality

What’s the difference between a good haircut and a great one? The latter not only helps you look your best, but also feel your best. It should fit your personality and reflect who you are. This guide will help you find the look that complements you both inside and out.