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Style and Makeup Tips and Tricks to Avoid Malfunctions

Embarrassing wardrobe and makeup malfunctions can ruin your day — even if you’re not a celeb. Try these style and makeup tips to look your best whenever you step out.

Wardrobe malfunctions, streaky tans, toes slipping out of shoes – you name it, we’ve seen it on the red carpet. It’s enough to make a stylist or makeup artist cringe! “Celebrities have to be careful of every move they make,” says style expert Dawn Del Russo, whose experiences as a stylist led to her to write 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle. She adds that many factors contribute to celebrity fashion mishaps — but most often a last-minute decision to wear a sample gown right off the stylist’s wardrobe rack.

But wardrobe and makeup fails can happen to anyone, so it pays to be prepared. Here are some easy preventive measures to help you look your best — even when the paparazzi aren’t around!

Short skirt mishaps: Going out in a miniskirt or a dress with high slits? Del Russo recommends wearing nude seamless underwear to avoid accidentally showing … um … more than you intended. You can also apply double-stick fashion tape to the inside of the skirt near the slit or hem to help keep the material in place even in windy conditions.

Toe overhang: Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston are just two of the celebs guilty of stepping out with their pedicured toes slipping out of strappy sandals. The main culprit behind “shrimp cocktail toe”? Too-small shoes. If you can’t find the style you like in your size, try a peep-toe sandal, suggests Del Russo. Shoes a little too large, on the other hand, can make your feet slip around ungracefully — a problem easily resolved with heel grip inserts available at most drugstores.

Shiny face: Even with stylists at their disposal, famous women like Gwyneth Paltrow and Megan Fox have been sighted with moist foreheads and oily T-zones. “It’s always a thousand degrees on the red carpet,” says MAC Cosmetics senior stylist John Stapleton, who counts Kelly Osbourne among his clients. How to stay cool? Start with blotting film to soak up any extra oil. “It’s your first line of defense,” he says. Next, use a tissue to remove perspiration before gently brushing on powder with a soft brush. On super-hot days, try putting a little dry shampoo or surf spray on the roots of your hair after shampooing to help absorb sweat.

Streaky tan: Self-tanner or body makeup gives you an alluring bronze without the sun – but it can also come out uneven or streaked. “People are in such a rush that they put on too much, or they put it on over-moisturized skin, so it doesn’t stick as well,” says Stapleton. The fix? Follow the instructions carefully, giving yourself enough time to apply the product evenly and let it set. Make sure your skin is dry, and remove excess lotion if necessary.

Lipstick on the teeth: Avoid this embarrassing makeup blunder with an old beauty pageant trick: putting a dab of petroleum jelly on your top teeth before applying lip color.

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