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Hair straighteners: The best methods and latest products

Love the straight hair style? Here we tell you everything you need to know before you say goodbye to your curls.

It is true that sometimes you like your curls. But sometimes you want to forget the frizz or enjoy a hair flat as a table. If you decide to straighten your hair, learn first to make sure to choose the most appropriate method.

“There are enough variables to keep in mind before straightening your hair,” says Michelle O’Connor, a professor at Miami Mizani Design Team. Here are some options to achieve the perfect effect pure and simple.

Temporal smoothing

If you just want straight, sophisticated styling for a party or dinner, you can achieve a beautiful result with a flat iron or a hair dryer and a round brush. “It’s an excellent choice if you want a permanent or semi permanent straightening,” says O’Connor.

Relax your hair

If you have a very marked and curly hair want a more flexible without losing move, ask your stylist about texturing. This treatment “relax” the curls and facilitates combing. The effects can last for months, but may need tweaking if your hair grows fast.

Lazio and shiny for longer

For those who want a lasting look, the new fashion is a semi-permanent straightening method called the Brazilian straightening or smoothing with keratin. The treatment can cost $ 300 or more, but lasts up to three months.

“The Brazilian method is actually a protein conditioning treatment with anti-aliasing effects,” says O’Connor. “Alisa wavy hair because keratin is a heavy substance and adds density to fall and hair.”

But this method causes controversy as keratin is made by mixing with formaldehyde, a carcinogen, and then sealing the hair with the heat of an iron. Formaldehyde helps retain the hair keratin, thus achieving an effect that lasts for two months straight and a half or more. The problem is that heat releases vapors that have been associated with eye irritation, respiratory problems, headaches and other symptoms. Because of these effects, some beauty salons take precautionary measures, including distribution of masks to customers and reduced the daily number of treatments carried out to avoid contamination of the room air.

“It’s really important for women who want to use this treatment is well informed about the products to be used,” says O’Connor. The unregulated beauty salons can get to use keratin treatments that have a higher concentration of formaldehyde. There are salons that claim to use treatments that do not contain formaldehyde. In short: Go to a good living and known and considered the risks before deciding on this method.

Reduce the harm

“Factors such as dyes or lights in the hair can determine which method of smoothing need,” says O’Connor. “The strength and health of the hair is very important. A stylist needs to know if there are chemicals in your hair before making the decision to add even more ”

The smoothing is best for a healthy hair that has not been abused before. “If the hair is damaged or brittle, will not be the ideal candidate for smoothing, as further damage the hair fiber,” says O’Connor. “If your hair is healthy and in good condition, then you have much to worry “.

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